Q. what is the history of the harmony-pittsburg baptist association?

A. Two Baptist Associations united on October 21, 1968 to found the Harmony-Pittsburg Baptist Association. The former Harmony Baptist Association was first established in 1871, while the former Pittsburg Baptist Association was organized in 1912. In 1968, there were 64 churches in the association. Some have closed their doors, while other new churches were established. Today, there are 73 churches and missions that make up Harmony-Pittsburg. At a state level, the vast majority of these churches are associated with the SBTC, the BGCT, or both. The churches which make up the association are located in the following counties of East Texas: Rains, Wood, Upshur, Camp, Titus, Morris, and Marion. In 1968, there was one church in the Association for every 1,197 people. Today, there is one church in the Association for every 1,943 people.



A. The Harmony-Pittsburg Baptist Association connects unique churches together in order to transform communities with the power of the Gospel. The local church is at the heart of everything we do. At the center of our logo, you will find a dark triangle which represents the local church. The smaller dark triangle next to it represents the individual. The lighter colored bars surrounding the ‘church’ triangle, represents our three-fold strategy of encouraging pastors, equipping leaders, and engaging communities. We like to call it a ‘strategy icon.’


Q. what type of ‘baptist’ are you?

A. With 73 unique churches and missions within the association, it is important to understand that not all Baptist Churches are the same. There are a variety of views and differences on different doctrines (such as the end times) which all fall under the Baptist umbrella. Most of our churches are part of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). Many of our churches are affiliated with the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention (SBTC), while others are affiliated with the Baptist General Convention of Texas (BGCT), while others hold dual affiliations.


Q. HOW do we contact you?

A. Call our office at 903-856-6696, or email us at either leslie@harmonypittsburg.com or jeremy@harmonypittsburg.com. Our office is located at 403 Daingerfield Street in Pittsburg, Texas (75686)