Bible Study Resources (List)

Recently Added:

Theological Education DVD's:

Greek Grammar - Beyond the Basics- Video Lectures- Daniel B. Wallace

Basics of Biblical Greek- Video Lectures- William D. Mounce

Basics of Biblical Hebrew- Video Lectures- Miles V. Van Pelt

Hebrew For The Rest OF Us- Video Lectures- Lee M. Fields

A Survey of the Old Testament- Video Lectures- Andrew E. Hill & John H. Walton

A Survey of the New Testament- Video Lectures- Robert H. Gundry

Understanding World Religions- Video Lecture- Irving Hexham

Systematic Theology- Video Lectures- Wayne Grudem

Behind Closed Doors (For Men Only)- Johnny Hunt

The Leader I Want to Be- Johnny Hunt

Other Studies/Resources

3 Circles Evangelism Training Kit-  North American Mission Board

40 Days of Purpose- Rick Warren

A Biblical Portrait of Marriage-Dr. Bruce Wilkinson

Am I Happy? Searching For Something More-Bluefish TV

Baptist Identity Series-William Pinson

Basic Training for Mission Teams-LifeWay

Beverly Hillbillies (series of Western type Bible studies)

Behind Closed Doors (For Men Only)-Johnny Hunt

Biblical Marriage in a Broken World-Dr. Danny Akin

Bringing Peace & Harmony to the Blended Family-Dr. Kevin Leman

Celebrate Recovery-Rick Warren & John Baker

Dare to Be Uncommon-Tony Dung

Deacons Growing in Character and Commitment-Jim Henry

Doing Life Together-Rick Warren

Downpour-James MacDonald

EKG:  The Heartbeat of God-Ken Hemphill

Engaging the Culture Without Losing the Gospel-Russell Moore

Estudios Biblicos Para La Vida- Lifeway- Primavers 2017

Experiencing God-Henry & Richard Blackaby

Extra Ordinary Marriage-Rodney Wilson, Selma Wilson

Faith Evangelism Leader Kit-LifeWay Resources

Family 101:  God’s Blueprint for Family Life-Grace Products

Financial Peace-Dave Ramsey

Follow Me-David Platt

Fresh Encounter-Henry & Richard Blackaby

Game Plan for Life-Joe Gibbs

God Is Closer Than You Think-John Ortberg

God’s Answer to Life’s Difficult Questions-Rick Warren

Gripped By the Greatness of God- James MacDonald

Have a New Kid by Friday-Dr. Kevin Leman

Jaded-Mike Harder

Jump Start-Sunday School Leadership

Keep Climbing:  Why God Doesn’t Give Us Everything We Want-Bluefish TV

Marriage:  Built to Last-Chip Ingram

Not a Fan-Kyle Idleman

Onward Bible Study Kit – Russell Moore

Outlive Your Life:  Joining God’s Plan to Change the World-Max Lucado

Overcomer- Nic Allen

Praying With Paul- D. A. Carson and Brian J. Tabb

Prodigal Perspectives:  Parables about Selfishness, Jealousy and Forgiveness-Bluefish TV

Read the Bible for Life-George Guthrie

Sacred Parenting-Gary Thomas

Share Jesus Without Fear-William Fay and Ralph Hodge

Sunday School Done Right-Allan Taylor

Taking Down Goliath-Johnny Hunt

The Deacon I Want to Be-Johnny Hunt

The Five Love Languages-Gary Chapman

The Measure of a Man-Gene A. Getz

The Secret to the Marriage You Want-Drs. Les & Leslie Parrott

The Tough Sayings of Jesus-Michael Kelley

The Quest for Authentic Manhood-Robert Lewis

The Way of the Master-Kirk Cameron & Kay Comfort

Thirteen Letters:  The Curriculum-Reach life Ministries

Vertical Church-James MacDonald

War Room Church Campaign Kit –Alex Kendrick and Stephen Kendrick

What Every Christian Ought to Know-Adrian Rogers

When World Views Collide-Ergun Caner

Why Jesus?  Answering Tough Questions-Bluefish TV



Creation:  Chance or Choice?  William Tolar

Darwin’s Dilemma-Illustra Media

God of Wonders-Eternal Productions

How Great is our God-Louie Giglio

Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution #1, #2 and #3-Dr. Jobe Martin

The Case for Christ-Lee Strobel

The Privileged Planet-Illustra Media

The Star of Bethlehem-Stephen McEveety

Unlocking the Mystery of Life-Illustra Media Icons of Evolution-Coldwater Media


Youth DVDs

Am I Happy?

Anything But Ordinary:  Where Heaven and Earth Collide-Brad Tate & Chase Allcott

Bluefish Youth DVD Ministry Kit

Conflict:  Overcoming Stress in Relationships

Examining Religions

Experiencing Jesus’ PassionAm I Happy

Anything But Ordinary:  Where Heaven and Earth Collide-Brad Tate & Chase Allcott

Bluefish Youth DVD Ministry Kit

Conflict:  Overcoming Stress in Relationships

Examining Religions

Experiencing Jesus’ Passion

Giving My Time to God


Living My Faith In God


Nooma- a series of 18 individual DVDs that touch on different issues

Overwhelming Evidence


Surrendering My Life to God

Surviving School

Tempting Stuff-Helping Teenagers Battle Everyday Temptations-Kurt Johnston

The Church

The Media

Trigger-Youth Specialties

Why Jesus?  Answering Tough Question

Wise Advice


Youth CD-ROMs by Encounter

The Church

The Media


Examining Religions

Overwhelming Evidence

Experiencing Jesus’ Passion

Giving My Time to God

Wise Advice





Friends-Group (DVDs especially good for mid-week services)

Good vs Evil


Jesus’ Early Life

Jesus & Friends

Living Inside Out


Zip for Kids—God Is…


VBS Starter Kits

Weird Animals: Where Jesus' Love is One of a Kind! Easy VBS from Group.

Weird Animals VBS connects with children when they feel different by introducing them to wonderful animals around the world. When "weird" means special, unique, and one-of-a-kind, kids are reminded of Jesus' special love for them - even when they feel different!

Cokesbury's Everywhere Fun Fair VBS

Everywhere Fun Fair VBS takes children to a global celebration with the look and feel of a world’s fair. Children will make friends with neighbors around the world and discover that God’s love can be found everywhere, including their own neighborhoods. Children will be introduced to special places from all over the world and discover that we are all neighbors and all children of God.

Zip for Kids: God Is... Grades 1-6 Lifeway

In this "God Is..." Voloume of Zip for Kids, the Bible content introduces kids to five of God's amazing attributes. Each attribute can be taught using an Old Testament Bible story or a New Testament Bible story. In some cases, you may choose to use both!

Journey Off the Map- Lifeway

Journey Off the Map VBS theme invites students to "set out on a journey to uncharted territory where they will encounter the unexpected waiting around every bend. On this expedition of a lifetime, kids will need to stick close to their guide in order to survive. They will discover that Jesus is the ultimate guide on a journey uncharted by them, but known by Him."

Holy Land Adventure- Egypt- Joseph's Journey from Prison to Palace- VBS

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