What is a Healthy Church?

A healthy church can sometimes be a nebulous concept. Many churches skirt around the issues involved, wondering: Have we arrived yet? Are we healthy? Why or why not?

The truth is that a church could be healthy in one area this week, and be struggling in that very area the next week. Knowing that we never fully arrive at a stage of “100% health,” we look for patterns that point toward our health or lack thereof. There are many different viewpoints on this, but this set of 12 characteristics can help get us started. In future weeks, we will expound on these points in greater detail.

  1. Biblical evangelism

  2. Biblical discipleship

  3. Biblical membership

  4. Biblical leadership

  5. Biblical preaching and teaching

  6. Biblical ordinances (baptism and Lord’s Supper)

  7. Biblical worship

  8. Biblical fellowship

  9. Biblical prayer

  10. Biblical accountability and discipline

  11. Biblical giving

  12. Biblical mission

Jeremy RandolphComment